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Roger Fritz

Roger Fritz, a trained baker, was born on September 22th 1936. In 1954, he became the assistant of the photographer Herbert List. Fritz won the “Photokina” award in the years 1954 and 1956 for working as a professional photographer. He worked for magazines like the “Stern”, “Quick”, “die Bunte” and for the French “Vogue”. Furthermore, he co-founded the magazine “Twen”.

In 1962 Fritz got a part in the movie “Boccaccio 70”, playing with Romy Schneider and Sophia Loren. He lived abroad in Rome and New York, before he produced his first short film in the early sixties. His first motion picture “Mädchen, Mädchen” turned out to be a commercial success in 1967. The leading actress Helga Anders, who became Fritz`wife in 1967, won the Federal Film Prize.

Klaus Löwitsch, leading actor in Fritz´s motions picture „Mädchen mit Gewalt” was also awarded with the Federal Film Prize in 1969.

Fritz stage-managed and played in numerous other films. For example, playing next to Stefania Casini in „Blutige Strasse / Nessuno deve sapere“ in 1971. He also worked together with Rainer Werner Fassbinder on several films projects.

In the next decades, Fritz was seen several times on German television productions, for example in “Berlin Alexanderplatz” (1980), “Tatort” (1983), “Ein Fall für Zwei” (1986), “Der Fahnder” (1991), “Natalie-Die Hölle nach dem Babystrich” (1997), “Nicht mi tuns” (2000) and “Daniel-Der Zauberer“ (2004).

Roger Fritz lives and works in Munich, mainly as a contemporary photographer.

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Multi-media an enchanted sentence. You also should be charmed by seeing behind the curtain of my life: The Bavarian books, as well as the disturbing world of love in my films. Roger Fritz.