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eitelsonnenschein / Lutz Heineking Jr.

Lutz Heineking Jr. absolvierte zunächst an der New York Filmacademy und dann an der International Filmschool in London den Studiengang „The Art and Technique of Filmmaking“. Bereits während seines Studiums arbeitete er als Journalist und Autor für diverse Film- und Fernsehproduktionen.

After he graduated, he became part of a collectiv of artists called “Datenstrudel”, where he amplifies his creative experiences. So, in 1998, he finally published his first livestream on the internet.

His first steps of success were followed by jobs in brand building [VT1] – mainly in his main discipline film – as a liberal author and film maker.

The “Eitelsonnenschein” GbR was founded in 2003 by himself. Since 2005, the company has been operating as a limited liability company producing fictional and documentary short and long films as well as advertising for TV and the Internet. Lutz is a multi-award-winning author and filmmaker. His films ran on countless festivals around the world.

His latest work is the TV show "FINISH GERMAN", which he created led and produced all by himself.


Aside from his work as a film maker and executive director, Lutz Heineking has always been busy writing poetry. This poetry now finds its home in his first installation of „Words“ at the 18arts.

Love Poetry Lounge

The room fascinates with its simple and clear forms. Within this clarity, the word itself takes control. White words are being projected on white walls night and day and thus create the entire „design“. That´s it. Here, once again the word wields more power than the sword (of design).