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Ulrike Siecaup

Ulrike Siecaup reinvents herself time and again. Identity-changing role plays are both the instrument and main spring for her works. The Cologne-based artist has herself photographed in front of her own paintings for instance – establishing yet another level of her creative work, further completed by very descriptive, strongly associative titles. The question about her own identity is omnipresent in her works and so it does not come as a surprise that her own name is often an integral part of her program. This is also the case for her photographic series “Frau Siecaup Hard-Edged.”, in which the artist merges sculpture, performance and painting.

In “Frau Siecaup, a Message from Home,” Ulrike puts her own childhood drawings, done between the ages of ten and thirteen, into context with her contemporary self. These very personal, but simplistically stereotypical puberty-drawings evoke questions about the ideals and images of one’s own personality. For 18arts, the artist has chosen her photographic work “Frau Siecaup, a Message from Home.” as the central subject for her room installation “Home”. Please enter.

At home with Mrs Siecaup

With the design of my room I wanted to record a moment of special quality and intent aesthetics, a mixture of associations, which encourage reinventing you time and again. Predominantly, the design of “Home” is concerned with the inner, animated self. In a way the inner sanctuary that is being opened. I have confined myself to a clean, reduced-design idiom, in which every single element can freely unfold its own strength.

Aside from the high-contrast materials, such as the panelled walls, the high-gloss red of the floor and the Panton Chair, my photographic work: “Frau Siecaup, a Message from Home.” is the central element of the room. The installation is a projection screen and stimulation for playing with time and identity.

Das Spiel mit Zeit und Identität