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Renate Müller-Drehsen

The Aachen born paintress Renate Müller-Drehsen grew up in Baesweiler. She studied art at the school of applied arts in Aachen under Prof. Ernst Wille and at the art academy in Dusseldorf under Prof. Fritz Schwegler and Prof. Gerhard Richter. Over the years she has been represented in quite a number of influental art galleries.

Müller-Drehsen was invited to the Stadttheater Aachen in order to work as a freelance costume and stage designer for Klaus Schulz. She has also been in charge of several different national and international art projects, such as her work with students of the Goethe Institute in Cairo and Alexandria and the Israel-Palestinian projects in Gaza. A well-functioning network connects her closely to her Spanish colleagues as well. For Müller-Drehsen, her frequent trips abroad are an important means to broaden both her personality and her artistic works.

For the 18arts, Renate Müller-Drehsen has created the Amber Room. A color-subject she has been dealing with for a number of years. Whoever has seen the abundance of nuances of the brown, red and yellow colors, will soon understand why this material crops up as a subject in her art time and again.

Amber Room Reloaded

„Amber“ has been the focus of my work for a considerable time now. My prime focus during the design process of the amber hotel room was to be able to emit a sense of tranquility, especially when it gets grey, cold and rainy outside. I wanted to created a quiet and consistent space. A room, in which people enjoy lingering. The pieces of furniture are exclusively my design. I have put a lot of emphasis on creating furniture with no sharp or pointed edges, a typical characteristic of amber.

Wolfgang Becker once said about my amber works: „ When you imagine that amber is for instance […] a somewhat alchemistical product of nature, a product people believe to have healing effects, and once you`ve learned to admire the richness of the brown, red and yellow colors in amber, then you are right in the middle of Renate Müller-Drehsens world of images.“ I believe this description fits quite well and am confident that the guests of „my“ hotel room will feel comfortable in their amber surroundings.