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David Lüpschen – Jiar

The roots of Cologne-born artist David Lüpschen in graffiti culture are unmistakable. Since the 1990s, his works have been found in urban space - in 2006 he had his first solo exhibition and subsequently in various galleries.

Lüpschen is not only a graffiti artist, but also an illustrator and motion designer and works under his own label "Jiar". In 2007 he also founded the project "Lichtfaktor" together with Marcel Panne aka VJ Sehvermögen. Lüpschen works with analog and digital means and implements his creativity not only in graffiti but also in video animations, installations and light writing. He gets his inspiration from visits to the zoo, shopping at the supermarket, flea markets and trips to New York, Prague, Budapest, London and other European metropolises.

The motifs of his pictures are self-created characters - translated into a combination of photorealism, the look of impurely drawn hand sketches, painting as well as graphic elements.