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Bettina Gruber

Bettina Gruber’s fields of work are photography, videos, objects and installations. She either lives and works in Cologne or is busy exploring the French rivers and canals with her boat.

Reading Room

Ah, poor traveler: here he is, he, who has already travelled more or less comfortably to a faraway country. Now he finds himself stranded in a room, more or less by chance or choice, and he is being told to take yet another, even further journey.

Ah, lucky traveler: comfortable, not affected by capricious weather, not having to face the tedious sight of the same old pedestrian zones, avoiding rip-offs, defrauding and the oppressive sight of a very intimidating cathedral and its overcrowded surroundings. Now he is being told to travel to even more distant worlds. And, why not? With some good old whisky within reach, why shouldn’t he open any old book with pleasure and get far, far away from here?

Use these wisely spoken words of the Polish author Joseph Conrad: “The longest voyages take place in one’s own mind.” And how sage are the Bedouin:”Love everything that carries you away, such as camels, horses... and”, as I may add: “... books!”