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Andreas Ganther

The artist Andreas Ganther was born in Moers in 1966. After having finished his studies in visual communication and graphic design in Krefeld, he first worked as art director for a number of different agencies in Cologne, Berlin and Dusseldorf.Over a period of three years he created all of the playbills and programs for the renowned Schlosstheater in Moers, working under the direction of Rupert Seidel, the artistic director.

Since the year 2000, the born Rhinelander has been working as a free-lance illustrator, art director, storyboard illustrator and cartoonist for a variety of advertising agencies, daily newspapers (Welt am Sonntag) and movie production companies in Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

The versatile artist, whose lovingly arranged activity picture books are to be found in countless German nurseries, also designs stands for exhibitions or promotional work. For the 18 arts hotel, Ganther has rendered homage to Steve Mc Queen.

Steve Mc Queen Room

Initially, I had wanted to do a room about Edward Hopper. I like his paintings very much and I had even outlined an entire Hopper-room in my head. Typical American, Fifties style, that is. But when I started my research, I came across a number of pictures of Steve Mc Queen and since I had already devoted myself to him and his work a couple of years earlier, I changed plans without further ado.To me, Steve is simply the coolest actor I have ever seen on screen. I have tried to transport his spirit, a certain cool serenity, with my room design.

It has certainly been quite a challenge to bring all my ideas into this relatively small room. Because basically what counts with Steve is, the more lavish, the better. To obtain the desired effect in the smallest space is what makes working for the 18 arts so attractive to me.

The pieces of furniture are altogether originals of the actor`s time, with the exception of the bed. That is my own design. The overseas shipping case, which I have converted to a wardrobe, has travelled a great deal and is supposed to represent an heirloom of Steve`s` father. This means it is original and old, but not an “original” piece from Mc Queen`s time.