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Andreas Schubert

Andreas Schubert is no artist. The 45 year old freelancer works in the hotel and real-estate business.

The design for the seashell bed, the floor and the ceiling is his. He also picked the furniture and the accessories for the room.A friendly artist helped him with the realization of the paintings on the ceiling. The seashell bed was built by Adil Eroglu.

Deep Sea / Ocean Floor

Ever since I was a child I experienced an enormous feeling of freedom when I dipped my head under the water. Enjoying the weightlessness and silence underwater by simply floating around motionless a couple of feet under the surface.

What a pity it is that a moment like this can only last shortly since the oxygen runs out so quickly.Wouldn`t it be great, if we were able to conserve this state of tranquillity and detachment, being freed of the noise and stress of our daily routine.

When I developed the idea for the design of the “Deep Sea / Ocean Floor” room, I tried to create a space that was inspired by those feelings of freedom.Sleeping in an oversized seashell, furnished with a waterbed mattress, was in this context more or less obligatory for me.So be inspired and immerge into our planets’ last unexplored space: the Deep Sea.