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Ira Bartell

The American born artist, Ira Scott Bartell, was born in New York in 1954. He lives and works in Colgone.

„room machine“

Starting point for the design of my "room machine" was utility. I also wanted a room that was multi-purpose, a kind of ‘do-it-yourself-room’ that encourages guests to move the furniture around. Consequently, everything is put on wheels. As a counter-point to the pure functionality of the elements (bed, closet, desk, etc), I used single bold colors for each item so that the furniture appears to be most playful, very much like toys.The second element is ‘The Unmovable’, the permanent elements such as ceiling, floor and walls.


Their design goes from a high gloss ceiling to speckled matt walls, to an alternating striped wooden floor made of Sibirian birch, which has elements of both.

Finally, there is the third element, or surrealistic "irrational" one - the gold leaf industrial metal folding chair with a leopard cushion- which accents the "room machine" and entertains both the idea of utility and luxury.