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Fairy Tale Room

Every single object in this room used to belong to my own life and is therefore part of my very own memory. The central piece of furniture is my grandmother’s bed, which accompanied me through several different stages of my life. All through this time, the object has constantly been artfully modified and has now finally found its place at the 18arts hotel, surrounded by other pieces of furniture from my past. There is a picture showing a window, creating a humorous illusion. The actual window facing the courtyard is created by a light object.

The photography carries the title: One day in the life of an unknown king – Wandering through times.This room is the result of my long-standing analysis with both architecture and nature - its functionality and its colorfulness supports the “surround sound”. Reading, and being read to, used to be a very important part of my childhood that allowed me to experience the enchantment of a good book. This is why the traveler will find a small selection of literature and audio books in the Fairy Tale Room, adding the enjoyment of a truly magical stay.

Reiner Bergmann

The 1950 born Nuremburg artist Reiner Bergmann first studied philosophy and the history of art in Erlangen, followed by studies at the academy of fine arts in Nuremburg. Bergmann lived in New York between 1978 and 1980, then moved on to Cologne, where he stayed until 1995. During this time he staged a number of exhibitions and performances at the galleries of Ha.Jo. Müller and that of Rolf Ricke in Cologne. These were followed by exhibitions at the Gallery Casini in Paris, the Museum of Calais and, together with Richard Deacon, at the gallery of Margarete Roeder in New York.

A long-time patron of Bergmann supported his realisation of several interesting projects involving the patron’s real estate properties in Nuremburg. Sculptural work, photography, installations, performances, music and text are the means of expression with which the artist tries to explore space and atmosphere. In addition to his own artistic work, a creative collective came into being with the foundation of the “Borgo-Ensemble” in Fürth in 2010, which presents itself through exhibitions, music, readings and films. With the means of the requisites at hand and the feeling of security in his very own memory, he then created a lodging place for travelers at the 18arts hotel – the Fairy Tale Room.*

Ein Tag im Leben eines unbekannten Königs – Wandern durch die Zeiten