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Burkhard Driest

Here you learn everything that shoots into the sky. I was born in 39 without ears. But they are grew up after trough beating upbringing. My father was happy over it, more important than Heil Hitler was to him: Now hitting you ears! He wanted, that I heard his Orders and everything what bothered him was insolent.

That´s was the youth, in which youth learns virtue.

Then starts the school. The Principal was straight from Thule. I did not get there his sovereignty Thor, not even Shakespeare´s Mohr- there I was ignored, The play and the applause was not the aim- but in every game i acted as a goal. Once I fell down. Immediately come to my mind to stay lying down. Yes, that became the wisdom in my life: never raise me to haughtiness, stay stick on the floor; only bubbles in the air will float with the dreams.

Today that´s why I say “Heil und Sieg”! So you never forget, no matter where and who you are. After the war. A Star in a heap of Dung is very dreary. That is, you know it, very fine, that´s the way it is. A game chosen by you between star and tombstone. For ex-ample: If you are in a cell, never stand in one place, smoke a nil and play a new game.


“We will play, to reflect us in our game, and slowly we will see ourselves sinking in his mirror.” (Jean Genet, Les Negres. L!Arbaléte, Paris 1958).But I will play games, in which all forms and methods of love can be found and experienced. I say to the love and not to the hatred of what the term "total subjectivity" would mean, because all hatred, even self-hatred, insists on an identity of the inner view and the outer form of being.

Here I give an example how my games works:The big prison transporter had only one guest for the trip to Celle. After the narrow gate had passed into the penitentiary, I was released from my chained. It went down the steps from the armored bus. I entered the security gate. Without looking up, an law enforcement officer asked me if I had any special wishes for my new hotel room.

“Yes, a cool picture on the wall”
He studied me thoroughly. “Maybe a carpet?”
“Why not? And a TV and a hot shower?”
“I will make sure that hand and foot shackles are there. Go off!”